About Us

Charlene Montas is the founder of The Bakers Den.

The power of social media brought us here. After graduating from the Illustrious Johnson C. Smith University in 2011, Charlene was known by family and friends to spend her extra time in the kitchen. When posting her treats & confections sporadically to social media platforms, the reactions were always positive. However, it was one late night post of scratch made cinnamon rolls that sent the socials into a frenzy. The l comments & replies demanded them to be available for purchase and thus: The Baker’s Den was born.


Our Commitment  

As a small batch bakery, we thrive on using and sourcing premium high quality ingredients. All goods are made from scratch, by hand and baked to order.

The Baker’s Den is currently located in Houston,TX offering shipping and pick-up only.

We operate on a pre-order system only and always bake-to-order. So for us, it is always quality over quantity to ensure each customer has the same gratifying experience or a unique one of kind experience we can post to our #FeedTheSweets customer campaign.

Please stay posted as The Bakers Den will have local pick-up & pop-up locations in the Houston,TX area.